Friday, 3 August 2012

Shhh...It's a Teacher's Secret!

In the name of Allah, The Most Beneficent, The Most Merciful.

OMG! It's only 2 weeks left and I haven't prepared anything for school! Hee...I  have exactly the same uncertain feelings that I feel during my first day of work. It has given me goosebumps whenever I think about it. Oh, I hate this feeling!

 Belilah buku ini. :D

As an Additional Mathematics' teacher (short form : Addmaths), I have to spend plenty of time just to make myself clear about the killer subject (so called) before explaining to the students. I am quite slow in dealing with numbers (Noted that since before!). So, for me,  it took years to get expert in this. I remembered once during my first year of teaching, I simply couldn't solve a simple question forwarded to me by a Form 4 student. I felt sorry for her as she had to wait for nearly an hour at the staffroom just to get an answer from me, who was sweating all over, struggling to figure out what was actually the question wants!

It was horrible!!
It was even more tragic when it come to classes. Well, being a new teacher, give a golden oppurtunity for the students to tease me mischievously. Especially those who were in the Form 4 and 5. Particularly male students. I remembered once, a bright (yet naughty) boy, urged me to solve a tough question in the class itself. Well, knowing that my knowledge was not that good (at that time) besides lack of experience in the syllabus, it has definitely made me nervous. Sweating, heart pounding rapidly, legs shivering, you just named it! I was horrified. However, it wouldn't be very proper if I just given up trying. So, I took his challenge. It wasn't that easy to do it in front of 30 pairs of bright eyes watching patiently, hungering for an answer. 

It was double horrible!!!

I was thinking and thinking. Macam mana la nak jawab soalan nih?  Apesal sume lupa nih? Questions battling in my head. Think! Think! Think! 
Suddenly, I realized that my class was a bit too long to be ended. Glanced at my watch, I noticed that I have used 10 minutes longer that it should be! Fuhhh... Lega....Yeay! Boleh escape!  My heart said. Heee.... 

My eyes turned to the door and I saw the next period teacher was waiting there, smiling cheekily at me. Thee hee hee... I gave him an apology smile and hurried packing up my things before saying this to the students:

"Ok, takpe. Soalan tu nanti kita sambung next class ye. Cikgu nak awak semua cari apa jawapannya dan salah seorang akan present dalam kelas. Cikgu nak tengok betul ke tak jalan kerjanya dan jawapannya sekali."

Actually what I truly meant was :

"Ok, takpe. Soalan tu nanti kita sambung next class ye. Cikgu nak awak semua cari apa jawapannya dan salah seorang akan present dalam kelas. Cikgu nak tengok jalan kerja awak supaya cikgu boleh dapat idea macam mana nak jawab soalan tu. Jawapan awak tu cikgu nak bandingkan dengan jawapan cikgu. Cikgu pun confuse sebenarnya. He He He"

After dismissed one of the Maths class. But this was not the particular class I've been talking about. 
Gambar hiasan je nih. Sekadar gambaran :)

Of course readers, it only voiced out deeply in my heart. Heeee~ I won't dare to admit it in front of the students. In fact, it shouldn't be anyway! It is a big NO for teachers to expose his/her weakness to his/her students. It could lessen their respects and faith to the teacher, and this will make things even worse.

So, to all teacher-to-be, fellow friends of teachers, including me as well, please oh please prepare yourselves (and myself) before entering the class. I have experience of being humiliated by them, and it was awful! But, thinking rationally, the incident somehow has changed one of my negative attitude - doing things in last minutes. Thanks dear students. *grinning*

Now, as I have took such a long leave to manage Faiq, here I am, ready to give my very best effort to the students in achieving their goals. I guess it's time to refresh the topics. Let get back to business, dear revision books! And of course, I never wanted that awful incident to happen again. Not anymore!


  1. gambar yg bawah tu saya angkat !! :DD tq cikgu farrah :D

    1. ye, muiz..cikgu copy dr fb..hikhik..ada gak knangan kls awk..:)

  2. comel ngat cikgu farrah ni senyum XD