Thursday, 2 August 2012

Childhood Memories

In the name of Allah, the Most Beneficient, the Most Merciful.

A period which is most remembered by everyone. A period when we started to learn things enthusiastically in excitement. A period which everyone miss it so much. This entry is written to freshen up the unforgettable memories which has brought me as what I am today.

My childhood begins in the year 1985. As the first born child, (always be!) my parents brought me to the world with so much love and fun. According to my mother, my father is the happiest person when they were blessed with a full term and healthy newborn girl on 12th December at 9.30 am. And the preparation was overwhelming. Everything was pink! No wonder that I love the colour so much. Farrah Falina. The name they chose for me. Farrah = happiness. Falina = I can't find the meaning. Heeee~

February 1986, at 3 months old.

Too busy exploring...Curious little tot!
1 year old.

"Where is everybody???"
  2 years old.

Everything was so wonderful! The first year of being a child. The first smile, the first crawl, the first step...everything went perfectly. I could hardly remember what was going on during my first year. I don't think anyone could. But yes, I sure it was indeed a joyful moment.

And I was raised fully by my parents, especially my mother who quit her job since I was born. So that I will be able to grow healthily in her arms. Not anyone else. No doubt, of course I have been always wanted to raise Faiq myself too. However, I don't think I could. Career is a must for women nowadays. We probably wouldn't assume it is necessary now but who can tell later on?

1988, with the first yellow bike.
3 years old.

Face of joy.
4 years old at Pantai Batu Burok, Terengganu

The chubby girl promoting the flowers of notes.
4 years old.

I may not born in a very wealthy family, but I am very happy and thankful as it has been the best family that I could ever ask for. My parents have been always there for me whenever I need them (always). Cherished me in their hearts, alhamdulillah, I am the luckiest daughter to have a great parents just like them. Say it anything, Abah (the way I call my father) will try his best to fulfill my intention. Oh, what a spoil brat! Manja and mengada-ngada!

As a girl, what can you expect to have as your toys? Barbies. Yes. The Barbies products had always be my favorites. For the past 50 years, Barbies has been the most popular girl choice's fashion toys. I was one of them too. I had quite a number of Barbie collection that comes with the accessories as well such as the Barbie house, bedroom set and  Ken too! Do you know who is Ken? Well, Ken is the fictional boyfriend of Barbie. Too girlish eh? I admit it! Hahaha!

 Barbie in the 1990s
(source : Google Images)

The days during preschool were too sweet to forget. Those red and white checked uniform, the long double ponytails, the Peter and Jane books, Tom and Kate early reading books, the crayons, the plasticine, the playground, the yellow mini bus that always pick and send me to the kindergarten, the year end concert, the friends, the teachers, oh boy...If only I can turn back the time...

 1991, My class, Pre School 4, Jingle Bell Kindagarten.
Me, sitting third from left.
6 years old.

 A closer view.

 Me with friends, during the Sport's Day.

Me in the annual concert. Chinese dance!

Peter and Jane book series
(source : Google Images)

Tom and Kate book series, this is the latest version. Mine (the older version) have the white background instead of yellow.
(source : Google Images)

During my childhood, my parents decided to let me involved in extra activities so that my free time was well- spent. Knowing that I was so keen to music and dance, Abah send me to learn piano and ballet at a very early age. Plus, I was a chubby child. Perhaps it was time to loose some weight in an exciting way? I think it was about 4 years old at that time. I learned them for 11 years before I quit to focus more on my studies. Comparing these two different field, I admit I love ballet more than piano. Yes, piano might be very interesting to me but to learn and get expert in it, you have to be very determine besides  plenty of hard work and practice. Which I lack of it. Heeeeee...... But talking of ballet .......... (smiling) Oh, how I want to dip myself in dancing once again! It was sooooo fun! I miss all of it. The studio, the bars, the routine, the grading exams. Not to forget fellow friends and and my teacher too, Miss Serena Tan.

1994, I was once chosen to be one of the little model for an UiTM's fashion designer, Miss Bettiandri.

1993, during a rehearsal for a fashion show represented by Serena Balley School's students.

1994, with my friends from the ballet school. We were representing the designs for the ITM designers.(currently UiTM)

1994, Catwalk! Catwalk!
Oh yes. I did wear the typical ballet costumes during classes but I think it wouldn't be very proper for me to expose the pictures here. Heeeee. Sorry.

Me playing my favourite piece. I think I was in Grade 3 when this picture was taken.
I couldn't remember the year.

Urrrghhh.. messy hair! 

*     *     *     *     *
I remembered how my mother used to cooked the all time favourite dishes for us. ( That makes me so bulat at the time) including  fish curry, squid in soy sauce, shrimp in soy sauce, black peppered beef, fried bihun, fried mee, fried kueh teow, and the most important, it is all home-made, cooked lovingly by Mama. :) Yummy yum yum!

As the only child in the family, yes I admitted I was kind of dependent (I should say?) to my parents. I remembered during schooling, I can't stand with the hostel environment since I have offered a place in the boarding school. Not far from home, but that doesn't change my mind to make a transfer back to my old school! Yikes! I can't believe I spread this to the world! Hahahaha... Those were the days that will remain deep in my heart all the time.

My childhood is the most pleasant moment that I  ever had. Very pure and innocence. Full of fun, laughter and excitement. Blessed with the most wonderful parents who are still treating me like a child until now although I am a mother of one. I am never been distracted of this yet I'm glad. Very lucky to have such parents that are very caring. How could I ask for more? Heeee~ Dengan sape lagi nak manja kalau tak dengan ibu bapa kita kan?

I love you, Abah and Mama. Forever it is, deep in my heart, both of you have did the best you could to raise me up and now look!

How time flies! 

I hope I did the best to make both of you happy.

The word "Thank You" is simply not enough to return the efforts used to raise me up in such challenging circumstances.

Yet, what shall I say anymore ?

Thank You Abah and Mama.
For everything. 
For every drop of love that you have poured.
For every pain that you suffered,
Just to make me live in comfort and secured.

May Allah blessed both of you.
Insha Allah.



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    1. just a ghost...from the past XD .... hehe ayat buat2 cool

    2. I wouldn't know if you unrevealed yourself. anyway, thanks for reading.

  2. Ni kak waheeda tau.. Hihi! By the way, comelnya farrah masa kecikkk! No wonder dulu, adik akk ada lil crush kat farrah! Haha! Kitorang simpang 5 (1), farrah kan simpang 5 (2).. :D tgk farrah masa kecik, ada iras faiq ;)

    1. Oh kak waheeda...akak simpang 5 (1) ke dulu? tak tau pulak...sape adik akak? Hahaha~ rasanya semua org comel waktu kecik. Fa tembam dulu.. makan je kejenye. hehehe. Eh, ye ke kak? entahlah, fa pun tak pasti muka faiq sama ke x dengan fa..heeeee~

  3. Faa mcm anak patung ok! :D

    1. Haaaa..anak patung debab kak waheeda! :D

  4. Fa, have been a beautiful gift to both of us..and you have given us great joy and fullfilment since you were born. No words can fully express our love for you then and now. Just be thankful to ALLAH the Almighty for all the gifts of life that were and still are being showered upon you and now upon your son and our grandson Faiq Aqwa. InsyaAllah you and your family will make it out well in the world with our blessings...Wallahhualam..

    ABAH & MAMA..Klang, Selangor.

    1. *Hugs with tears*

      Abah, I love you!
      Thank you so much...

  5. Faa mmg comel dari kecil sampai besar:)

    Alhamdulillah ^__^

    1. Eh, takde la ain..Tembam n debab. That's the right word to express me. Heeeee~ :D

  6. muka faiq memang iras u mase kecik la.. no wonder comel.. heheh

    1. Ahahaha... Tq for the thought ya. And tq for reading!